Adventures in Spain

I decided to start this blog to try to get me to write. Since I'm not the fondest of writing, having pictures with longer captions will have to do.
Moving day

Moving day

November 7th

I have officially gained 3 more lbs. To deal with this horrible reality I had some more comfort food. Linnea and I made cake pops today! We have been on a roll of making American food and boy was it good. We cheated and made the faster version of Oreo cake pops but man was that a slow faster version. I know I’ve said it before but cooking here really does take 3 times as long. We walked to the Mercadona to buy all the ingredients, came home and realized they didn’t have a blender, Cuisinart, or anything of the sort. This means we will be smashing cookies by hand as fine as possible. Ugg. After this task was finally done we got to the actual meat of the recipe. (if only this had meat in it. How punny would that be!) Once mixed, balled, frozen, dipped, decorated, and dried we presented our little wonders to Ale, Gonzalo, and Tata (the wonderful all in one nanny and tutor). And of course they LOVED them. But then again who doesn’t. I mean really though they were delicious and reminded me of home. We finished in about 2 and a half hours making three by the time we cleaned up and after I guiltily went to Spinning on my own. Other than our wonderful cake pops OBAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMA! everyone is crazy about him here. They not too informed but know a LOT more about our political system and the race then I and I’m sure lots of my peers at home know about Spain’s. They have stated that they support him over Romney for a few reasons: His health care policy (they have a free health care system in place here that they pay for in taxes that they think is almost essential to life) and that he has the right aura not so harsh, seceded, and cold. Of course they have more reasons but those stood out to them the most. I was congratulated all day on the fact that Obama won even if they didn’t know my political views. Well in quick retrospect my home country is changing dramatically. Granted this is probably the first year that I’ve really took notice to the change or took part in it but to young eyed Madison what happened in Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, and Wisconsin having an openly gay senator now is amazing. We are making some major changes. Kinda crazy from where we started. WHOOP 

November 6th

I don’t think I have ever done a cross word in the English but I can now check off-not finishing but attempting- (with out a dictionary might I add) a cross word in Spanish. Yah I rock. I know. Other than that I took some photos of school, my geography class and a friend of mine Adrian doing his raised eyebrow. 

November 4th

YAWN. I accidently slept in until 12:30. Oops! I leisurely went downstairs and had a delicious breakfast of yogurt with Special K and banana slices on top. I was making my self some tea when Rocio (my mom) and Gonzalo (my brother) came in and we got to talking about a game they like to play. We ended up breaking out the game and guess who won!! Yepp that would be this kid right here who was loosing by a LOT in the beginning! Gonzalo blamed beginners luck but I’d like to think otherwise. We had planned to go to the campo to have lunch with Linnea and her family (my aunt and uncle here) but didn’t finish our game until late so Rocio, Gonzalo, and I went to the campo in our pajamas and called it a pajama party! After saying hello to the donkey and the pony named Madison (no joke) we went inside to sit on the couches and chairs surrounding a large coffee table filled with plates of olives, tomato tuna salad, hand made french-fries, grilled chicken and two types of fish. And of course I can’t forget about the bread that was toasted by the fire! So cozy! Linnea had never had this type of meal before so I got to explain how we eat it all together. So…first you take the toast bread that has lateral slits all down it and rub a piece of raw garlic on it. I mean really cover that thing. Once satisfied with how stinky your breath will smell afterwards pour olive oil all over the bread letting it ooze down into every crack. At this point you are required to break the bread in half try a piece of before assembling the rest. Then, you take your pick of chicken or fish and cut it off the bone(s) and tear into smaller pieces using your hands to put on top of your previously prepared piece of toast. Once assembled get really really close your plate and attempt to shove the whole thing in your mouth because you sure as hell know if you don’t what is left will crumble and go all over your lap. And that is how you eat the chicken/fish garlic olive oil toast! After using 5 napkins and eating 2 toasts and another chicken leg for yummies we cleaned up and broke out the nucilla (spanish version of nutella) toast, popcorn, coffee, and tea. Can’t go a meal with out eating and drinking more after. We drank next to the dying fire talking about politics and flamenco. It was quite the afternoon. Once cleaned up and back home I chilled the rest of the evening until I got my blood related family (brother and all) skyping with my host family! It was pretty funny some of the comments members of each party were making that only I could understand. No, my real dad’s face isn’t a shade of red normally its just the lighting and yes my host siblings are a loud. Hahahah. After a shower it was time for bed. Snooze 

Oh and the pic above with the fire is how they toast toast. Yumm

November 3rd

Shopping day! I woke up early-ish to go shopping with Rocio, Miguel, and Linnea. We drove all the way to Seville to this super nice shopping mall because they needed to get Gonzalo a jacket. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH GASS COSTS?! Whatever ill take a ride to the cool mall if you are going anyways. I found this super cool shop that sold really pretty and unique jewelry and scarfs. I ended up buy a few thinking I was buying them for my mom but…..I’m not sure I want to give them to her….maybe we can share? Hahah 

November 2nd

After lunch today I looked for a birthday video for Cathleen. How hard could it be to find a cute video of animated characters singing happy birthday in Spanish? Obviously very hard. It took forever. Once finally finding a video Linnea and I went to the Mercadona to get crêpe mix and goodies to put in them and of course I had to get some more chocolate for chomping in my room late at night. I wanted to add in some pumpkin spice to the crêpe batter to make it more fall-esk but they don’t have pumpkin spice or pumpkin purée. Seriously people. How do you cook!!! Once we had purchased all of our ingredients we walked over to Yoigo (like Verizon) to pay for the month. We ended up standing in the store for a half hour eating chocolate and gossiping hoping that no one understood English. We do that a lot. But then sometime people do understand English and its awkward. We speak English for a reason. Same reason that the ladies at the nail salons speak in a different language so they can gossip about the clients. We gave up after standing there for 30 min and decided to come back another day. It was kinda late walking home which in Spain means when everyone starts going out. There were a lot of people on the street and I swear EVERY single one of them stared us like we were aliens. And I’m talking the up down look but quizzical the whole time. And these guys are not ashamed to be caught staring. IM NOT AN ALIAN! Just to be sure we are clear. Tata was saying the other day that she hears everyone talks about us on the streets and Ale was agreeing saying she hears people talk about us all the time. Awkward. Once home we had dinner and while cleaning up Mom, Dad and I got talking about flamenco. We ended up dancing around the kitchen blasting flamenco from our iphones half dancing flamenco and half doing karate moves. It was quite an end to the day!  

November 1st

Well it was thursday. Honestly I cannot remember what happened. BUT I will tell you my schedule for the day. 

1st hour- Philosophy (philosophy is a required class for both 11th and 12th graders. Spain is just a philosophical country haha )

2nd hour- Math (My highlight of this class is checking out my teachers clothes. She always wears a very interesting outfit)

3rd hour- Geography (BEST CLASS EVER! First of all the teacher is the coolest funniest guy ever. He dresses like a hipster and has a huge gap in-between his two front teeth. He is the best)

4th hour- Snack break! (Its the from 11:15-11:45 when everyone is outside eating their sandwich and juice box. Not kidding though, everyone has a sandwich in tinfoil and a juice box.)

5th hour- Health class (I never know what is going to happen in this class. Sometimes we are actually getting a lesson, others we are watching a movie, others giving presentations, others just doing other homework and I never know what its going to be.) 

6th hour- English class (I am asked to do the two things I hate a lot in this class: read out loud and write on the board. Im probably the worst speller you have ever met and I cant read out loud for my life. The worst part is when the students learning english correct my spelling…..awkward.) 

7th hour- Economy (this teacher is one of the three teacher I have a really hard understanding and it is probably due to the fact that she talks at a mile a minute. Although I do understand when she goes off on rants about random stuff which is cool.) 

AND WE ARE OUT! 2:45 on the dot sounded by a bell that sounds like a tornado alarm. 

October 30th

 Raining again today :/ blaa. I changed up my breakfast for the first time in foreverrr. Coconut yogurt mixed with Special K with chocolate slivers. Its like an almond joy bar for breakfast. Yah you are all super jealous I know. Today I was a little less productive in class. First period was spent pondering life, the weather, the yummy food in my kitchen at home, and what I want to dress up as for Halloween. Second period was my so-called Spanish class so that was spent eating two kinder bueno bars with Linnea and drawing on my worksheet. 3rd hour was all about teaching myself Spanish vocab words and conjugations and pretending that I was listening to the history lesson. 4th hour was spent presenting my AIDs powerpoint in health class and looking like a fool as I present my portion to the class in English (upon request from my teacher) and wondering if they understood anything I had just said. 5th period I almost fell asleep in class (bad Madison) and 6th I spent painting my nails with white out, drawing spider webs on them and playing poker on my phone with Miguel. Day well spent. I swear I’m actually really productive most days but today just wasn’t one of those days. Once the bell rang Linnea and I walked home in the rain trying to share an umbrella but in actuality we both just got soaked. As I opened the front door cold and wet I was hit with a gust of warm air filled with the scent of delicious soup. Honestly nothing could have made me happier. I actually had to convince my self to use the bathroom when I had to pee before I went to go eat because it smelled so good. Finally got to sit down and OHH was it good. Home made rice and chicken soup with toasted sour dough bread and a platter of roasted chicken, beef, sausage, and a slab of roasted fat to cut up and mix in with everything. I gorged myself silly but what’s new. After lunch I was helping clean up and got to talking to Mom and Abuela about what they do in the mornings. Abuela told me she gets up at 5:45 and I immediately said “estas loca!?” She burst out laughing letting out a bellow. It was the funnies and cutest thing in the world. Put a big smile on my face. After chilling out for a while Linnea came over and we had Chocolate pudding in a milk carton (meant to be heated and drank) with cookies and nutella. It was amazing…..YUM. We left later on to go get some pencils and notebooks for school but ended up getting 4 shirts some scarfs and jewelry. 

shannhann15 asked: Girl I'm so Jealous of you! Wish I was in Spain! Hope it is wonderful! P.S. College work might compare to what you are seeing in Spain ;)

Hahah thanks! You should TOTALLY take a semester abroad! but yah not looking forward to that….